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My name is Kelly and I live with two big dogs and my husband, in rural North West Devon.

I've been creative all of my life, but until I was 46 it was all done on a 'hobby' basis as I followed a career in other directions. But then one day I decided that it was time to change that and to focus on my love of painting and drawing. I decided to work under the studio name FabFunky, and things took off very quickly.

Since that time I have produced thousands of artworks and have built an amazing business that I love, with the help of with my husband, Gordon.

My art is collected around the world and features in many amazing homes from fabulous Scottish castles to ultra modern Malibu beach houses. I'm lucky to have worked with many of the worlds top interior designers, and have also supplied artworks to film and TV studios, museums, hotels and other wonderful venues around the world.

I've had the privilege of living with many animals during my lifetime and have learned to appreciate all of their unique personalities and funny little quirks, and it's this that mainly inspires my artwork. But whilst most of my artwork is focused on animals, I also have a love of the sea and the natural world around us, and so I have also created many artworks that are botanical or ocean focused.

I work in two mediums; acrylics on canvas and also digitally. Sometimes I use collage techniques as well.

But I don’t just paint pictures, I'm also a homeware designer and have created a large range of luxury cushions and very fabulous lampshades, that feature some of my most beautiful designs.  We work with some wonderful suppliers so that all of our products are made by hand in the UK to the highest standard.