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Wildflower Blush, Ostrich, Cushion / Throw Pillow

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$69.00 - $110.00
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This cushion is part of our Wildflower Collection. At first glance this cushion cover looks like just a regular illustration of some beautiful meadow flowers. But if you look a little closer you will see that the inhabitants of this fictional meadow are quite fantastical creatures!

Crested ostriches, fantasy birds, rabbits on bicycles, owls with antlers, parrots with butterfly wings - these are just some of the created that you will find within this collection.

FabFunky Cushions

Handmade entirely in England, our cushions are expertly printed onto
both sides of a linen and cotton blend fabric to give a crisp image
where every detail of the original artwork shines beautifully through.
They are fitted with discreet zip fasteners for easy access and finished with coordinated piping.

Dry Clean Only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Marvelous! cushion covers, They’re colorful, whimsical and tailored all in one beautiful cover.
Shipped efficiently by a reliable Carrier.
Exceptional sewing, with no threads hanging about the finished product.
I am delighted to give this smashing review:)