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Chinese Emperor 1 Blue In Garden, Cushion / Throw Pillow

Original price $79.00 - Original price $120.00
Original price
$79.00 - $120.00
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Inspired by a pair of antique Chinese Ancestor Prints owned by the artist. Our Ancestor Collection has two Emperors and their accompanying Empresses. Each of the characters in this series are available in either red or blue robes. Additionally they are available on two colours/styles of background - one is a plain creamy white, while the other background features a painting of a Garden.

FabFunky Cushions

Handmade entirely in England, our cushions are expertly printed onto
both sides of a linen and cotton blend fabric to give a crisp image
where every detail of the original artwork shines beautifully through.
They are fitted with discreet zip fasteners for easy access and finished with coordinated piping.

Dry Clean Only.