LoopyLolly Art Prints

Original hand-printed artwork inspired by late Victorian England, when things were just a little bit, well… loopy.

Forget Victorian stiff upper lips. These images depict the whimsical, playful and downright bonkers side of Victorian Britain. We’ve a whole cabinet of curiosities for you to choose from – magnificent stags lounging around in smoking jackets, steampunk foxes, crazy steam-driven inventions. We guarantee they’ll make you smile.

Printed on fine art paper and using high quality ink that won’t fade over time, our images depict the Victorian surreal in modern, vivid colour. They’ll bring an eye-catching brilliance to your walls and create an instant conversation piece.

They look great on their own, but even more fabulous when displayed together. Click on the images below for the full range, or have a look at our Print Collection for ideas on what works well together.