Mutley Crew on Tandem, Lamp shade, Drum, Pendant Lighting


Perfect and highly unusual item for dog lovers everywhere! A whole pack of dogs all pedalling away on a very long tandem

Dogs included: Pug x 3, Basset, Boxer, Beagle, Schnauzer, English Bulldog, St Bernard, French Bulldog

Classic, Regular and Large: Above + Yellow Labrador

Extra Large: Above + Bernese, + Golden Retriever



Original hand drawn designs beautifully printed onto a linen/cotton blend fabric that crisply shows all of the exquisite and very quirky details of the original artwork.

The design wraps all the way around the shade. Each illustration is designed to specifically fit your selected size of shade.
Our lampshades are hand crafted to order to the highest standards in the UK and are backed with flame retardant PVC lining.

Ref internal fittings:

  • Orders from the US and Canada will automatically receive a shade with a standard US spider fitting, for a harp-type lamp base.

Lampshade Sizes

  • Small Approx. 20x18cm / 8x7inch
  • Classic – Approx. 30x21cm / 12x8inch
  • Large – Approx. 40x25cm / 16x10inch
  • Extra Large – Approx. 45x25cm / 18×10.5inch

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