Petasus Flora 6, Book Print, Art Print, Wall Art


Inject vibrant colours into your home with one of our beautiful Petasus Flora prints

There are six different prints available in this collection, all of them feature classical illustrations of sombre looking characters that have been brightened with fabulously plumed hats. Each sits on a plinth crested by gloriously coloured acanthus leaves, and if you look very closely you will find fantastical creatures and birds hidden away in between the brightly coloured flowers and leaves. Also available as cushions & lampshades.



Our book prints started out as original illustrations, each one unique and printed onto the original pages of antique British dictionaries and journals from the 1800’s.

Pages have aged over time to a mellow ivory patina, some have irregularities and “foxing” age marks, others include authentic corporation seals in the corner which of course adds to their charm and vintage authenticity.

All images are now available in various other formats including larger giclee prints, framed prints and wrapped canvas art, whilst still featuring vintage character and timeless style giving you your own piece of British antiquarian history.

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